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SafeKey International, Inc. provides packaged solutions, custom services and free advice to ensure that you achieve the maximum potential from your software investment.

We're proud of our reputation for providing top-notched support and high quality products. Whether it's to solve a hardware conflict or just to provide peace of mind, our solutions have already helped thousands maintain production while protecting their investments. Our customers range from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations taking advantage of our rock-solid guarantee.

If you are using software that requires a hardware lock device to operate, you could be putting your bottom line at risk. more...

Why SafeKey?

Solutions to Your Hardware Lock Problems


At SafeKey International, we take the problems that hardware lock devices can cause your organization seriously.

In today's competitive market even a few days of downtime can be devastating to your bottom line. You need a risk management strategy that won't be a burden to that bottom line either. Although our software packages are designed to eliminate hardware lock problems and provide the peace of mind of a backup solution, there is often an easier or more cost-effective solution for you to use.

Here are some common problems with hardware lock devices and the solutions we recommend: more...

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  Whatever the Problem, You Are Not Alone

Although some people use hardware lock devices without ever encountering problems, not everyone is so lucky. SafeKey International has collected letters from companies and individuals who have experienced hardware lock problems directly and wanted to share their stories with us.

In a perfect world, no one would ever have to worry about their hardware lock device causing problems. (Hey, we're working on it. :) But as these hardware lock stories show, sometimes dongles do cause problems. And when they do, it can really affect your business. more...

  Safekey International- An Effective Solution of Your Dongle Issues

Hardware lock, Dongle or Hardware key software backup replacement is the ultimate solution that can protect your expensive software from down time. But with the evolution of, SafeKey International, Inc and Safesoft Solutions this industry is reframed.

Security Dongle Emulator is an ideal solution for common dongle problems. Moreover, it is an inexpensive solution for dongle replacement software when the security key is unavailable for current use. Place an order for the dongle backup software key to reduce your security challenges. This will help with overall IT risk management. Isn't it viable to use dongle emulator to enhance the security layers of your systems? Indeed it is...

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